Social Media

Join the conversation? Or not?
Navigating your way through Social Media can be tricky business. It is so attractive because the price is right (hard to beat free), and EVERYONE is talking about it. Some businesses have seen success and rave about social media. Others are too nervous about confidentiality and privacy issues to even give it a try.

The truth is there are pros and cons to social media. Yes, many social media sites are free to use, but they do cost you in time and resources. Everyone is talking about it and many people have seen success. Maybe you can too.

Which sites should I be on?

Do we need to be on all of them?

How do I make money using Social Media?

What if an ax murderer finds me?

(Real question from an audience member at a recent social media presentation.)

LB Marketing offers several presentations to assist organizations in deciding what they want their social media strategy to be. We also train employees one-on-one on how to use social media, or we can handle it for you 100%.