Website Design Process

Get your website published.

While there are many ways roads you can take to publish your website the following the steps are what we've found works best. It really is a collaborative project of give and take and we consider you along for the ride. Buckle up!

What do you want your website to do? Is it simply an online brochure to show customers that you are legitimate? Or is it a dynamic online presence that you will use everyday?

Domain Name
If you do not already have a domain name this is the first step. Location, location, location! Choose a domain name that will make the most sense for your business or organization and one that is available and affordable. You can also choose several domain names and point them all to the same site. 

There are a lot of options for hosting your website. LB Marketing will work with you to recommend a good hosting company and set up a monthly hosting plan.

Outline the pages of your website, the navigation tabs and the information that will be included.

Copy Writing
Consider your key words and actually write the copy that will go onto the website. 

Custom photos or stock images can be used on your website. Choosing the right images will further support your message.

Finally getting to the fun stuff! What will your site look like? Colors, fonts, layout, and images all coming together to tell your story.

Bells and Whistles
Bells and whistles includes any additional features beyond the basics. This might mean a blog, a photo album with revolving pictures, inserting video, or a customized form. All of these features add to the functionality of your site and take additional time to build. 

Proofreading and Editing
Proofread copy, check that links work, review the order of things, and make sure it all makes sense. This is the tedious, but very important, step in the website process. 

Self-explanatory! This is the really fun and exciting part.

Even with the most simple websites, there are always updates. Businesses move, they get new employees or dates change. LB Marketing offers an hourly rate to update your site as needed.

LB Marketing can provide reports as often as you like telling you how many visitors are coming to your site, where they are coming from, and which pages they are visiting.