"The club has enjoyed LB Marketing's design strategies and creative management of our website for the last three years."

Michele Q.
Covered Bridge Garden Club


The cornerstone of your internet marketing.

The big web company's commercials make it sound so simple with their "Click and Build" websites, right? They would have you believe that with just a few clicks of the mouse your new website will be up and running.

The reality? Hours learning the program, endless researching online, and a lot of time on hold with customer service. Not to mention a frustration level that is probably through the roof. All of this for an end result that is anything but great.

Or your neighbor's son's cousin learned website design and will do your site for free. Okay, great, we're all looking to save money in our business. But does he have an eye for design? Does he have any business experience at all? Does he know about submitting your site to search engines, key words and html code? If not then the end result will probably not look that great, and even worse, it won't even be functional. It could hurt your business rather than help it. 

A professionally designed website looks great, works well and functions as a contributing factor in your business or organization. It is an invaluable tool in communicating to others and allowing them to communicate with you. LB Marketing assists organizations in creating a website top to bottom. From finding a domain name to writing copy and finally publishing your new website, we are there every step of the way.

You can reach us at (484) 429-3815 to talk about your new website.